The Mioritic was always succesfully used as a shepherd dog. Because of his usually white fur, the predators often mistake them as sheep, and then they are taken by surprise by the mioritic shepherd. The Mioritic is very well adapted to cold weather, in fact they usually sleep in the snow even if they have shelter. His shaggy coat protects the mioritic both from cold and heat. The coat is not very hard to maintain. Until 2 years of age, you need to brush him about 5-10 minutes everyday, to keep it clean and without felts. After 2 years, the coat will be much more easy to maintain, you can brush his coat once a few days, depending on each dog`s coat. If you wash a mioritic and do not dry him with a hairdryer, he`s fur will be fully dry in more than 1 day. The first dogs that resembled the today`s Mioritic were belived to be brought on our territory by the tatars, who have made establishments on the North of the Black Sea. After that, theese dogs have spread throughout the Carpathian mountains and in the North of the country. The Mioritic is not at all suited for an apartament. He needs lots of space to run and to play. He gets along very well with farm animals and other dogs too if they are properly socialized. As most dogs, males are more protective of their territory, and they will not accept so easy another male in their yard, but it`s possible with good trainig and socialization. The Mioritic is first of all, a shepherd dog, a guard dog, so he will never be too friendly with stragers. With his family he is gentle and protective, he loves kids and tolerates their games well. Mioritic Shepherds are not loud, they do not bark a lot, and rarely without motive. As any other guard dog, the Mioritic is not suited for beginners. He needs to be well trained and taught early his place in the family. You cannot afford to have an over 100 pounds dog that you cannot controll and he doesn`t obey you. Even when they are young and look like cuddly bears, you need to treat them as you would treat a grown-up mioritic. The training of your dog starts in the moment you take him home. In the growth period, until 1,5-2 years, you need to provide him good food and calcium&minerals suppliments so that your puppy can grow beautifully. After 2 years, when he stops growing, he will not eat so much. As any other giant dog breed, they are prone to hip and elbow displasya. Even if this is belived to be inherited, try not to force your puppy to climb stairs, jump fences, etc, especially between 6-12 months old. Another problem that can occur to giant dogs is gastric torsion. To prevent that, even to the adult dog, give 2 meals a day and do not force him to make effort 30 minutes after he eats. Mioritic Shepherds usually have good health and that is maintained by good quality food, regular vet checks, lots of outdoor exercise.
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